Stepping into the Wilderness

It’s Mardi Gras, and once again I’m starting a new blog for Lent. One of my favourite things about the Catholic year is the number of opportunities there are for starting over. Lent and Advent are the most obvious, and I plan to make full use of that. From tomorrow I will be posting daily reflections – they may or may not be explicitly religious, but as I’m learning to become more whole, I suppose nothing is irrelevant to the journey.

I have two aims for this blog:

1) Building consistency and discipline into my life, through the daily posts;

2) Becoming more reflective by pausing to write.

I’m also learning to value community, learning (belatedly) that going it alone is not just foolish but counter-productive. So I would love to hear from you, whether you agree or disagree with me – or just want to say hi 🙂

Here goes it, then. This is me, stepping into the wilderness. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing from the beach.

In God’s wilderness lies the hope of the world.

John Muir